• Why talk therapy often takes so long to work, if at all?
  • Why you make progress on a personal goal and then lose momentum?
  • Why some people develop multiple addictions, while others have very few compulsive tendencies?
  • Why expensive behavioral health treatment centers fail to deliver lasting results to most patients?
  • Why people who experience the same traumatic event can have very different long-term consequences?

If you hadn't considered those questions before, you'd be wise to do so now. Most likely, the real answers are NOT what you think. WATCH THIS VIDEO FIRST to get some answers:
Have you ever wondered...
Nearly everyone experiences either major or minor problems with their thinking, emotions, and behaviors, but few understand WHY they first developed (and maintain) those unwanted issues. More importantly, even fewer know HOW to change them. Most of our trusted medical and mental health professionals simply don't have the tools to help patients overcome the trauma, anxiety, addictions, weight issues, and other life challenges they face every day.
  • Most people don't know how or why their minds work the way they do, and their lack of awareness is harmful.
  • Todd and Gina Goodwin are top hypnotists with years of experience resolving emotional and behavioral issues.
  • You can overcome such personal problems by addressing the root causes subconsciously and unlearning them.
  • Doctors and clients rave about Todd and Gina's skill level, efficiency, effectiveness, and personal touch.
  • We provide the 3 necessary components to self improvement: Education, inspiration, and transformation.
  • The offer on this page lays the groundwork for you to overcome your emotional or behavioral challenges.
  • The DELUXE starter package includes the 17 Facts You Need to Know video, a stress-reducing hypnosis audio, and 5 hours of bonus audios/PDFs.
  • Buying this $27 program is completely risk-free with our 30-day money back guarantee.
  • Finish this material to be eligible for The Liberated Mind Project's 30-day Foundational Module.
  • NOTE: If you want to start with something FREE, check out First Step to Freedom below.
Here's a summary of this page:
Todd Goodwin is in rare company as a Board Certified Fellow of the National Guild of Hypnotists, since only one in every 500 hypnotists have earned that designation. He is also the author of the book, Break the Chains of Smoking: How to Escape the Mental and Emotional Prison That Keeps You Addicted. Todd has studied human behavior since 1995, with a bachelor's degree in Behavioral Science from Washington University and a master's degree in Nutrition and Health Promotion from Simmons University. Since opening Goodwin Hypnosis in 2007, Todd has worked with thousands of clients to resolve a wide range of issues, including stress, anxiety, trauma, fears, smoking, and other unwanted habits.

          After Gina Goodwin used hypnosis to overcome her own trauma, she was inspired to become a hypnotist in 2014 to help other people recover from various emotional and behavioral challenges. Gina, who is among the 2% of hypnotists who have been awarded the title of Board Certified Hypnotist, joined Todd in 2015 and has helped countless clients to overcome the traumatic effects of childhood physical and/or sexual abuse.

          Both Gina and Todd are also certified Master Practitioners of NLP and regularly use complementary techniques, such as the Demartini Method and Integral Eye Movement Therapy. Currently, they see private clients to resolve emotional trauma and its related consequences by identifying and addressing the underlying causes of those problems, instead of treating symptoms. Their shared mission is to empower their clients to think, feel, and do better through education, inspiration, and transformation.
But first...Who are Todd and Gina?
Todd Goodwin, M.S. BCH, FNGH
Board Certified Hypnotist and Author
Fellow, National Guild of Hypnotists
Master Practitioner of NLP
Gina Goodwin, BCH
Board Certified Hypnotist
Master Practitioner of NLP
People who struggle with emotional and behavioral problems (most humans) are not truly free. To varying degrees, they are imprisoned or enslaved by their mind, at the mercy of their thoughts and emotions, which are based on unhealthy perceptions of themselves, others, their past, and their future.

However, someone with a Liberated Mind can readily experience: self-worth (vs. shame), fulfillment (vs. emptiness), present-mindedness (vs. fear, regret, or resentment), personal responsibility (vs. blame of self and others), higher level thinking (vs. self-preservation), acceptance (vs. resistance), relaxation (vs. tension), love (vs. judgment), and possibility (vs. futility). If you struggle with any of these, we can help.
“Emancipate yourself from mental slavery. None but ourselves can free our minds.”
– Bob Marley
We know that:

  1. You are NOT your behaviors, diagnoses, or limiting labels.
  2. Most emotional and behavioral issues were LEARNED, so you can unlearn them.
  3. You can fully recover from those issues IF you address the ROOT CAUSES at the SUBCONSCIOUS level.

Most diets, 12-step programs, talk therapy, psychiatric medications, behavioral health treatment programs, and self-help books tend to neglect those facts, which explains their poor track record.

In contrast, we help you change the perceptions, beliefs, or conditioning of your subconscious mind, rather than focusing on the visible symptoms (such as mood swings, binge drinking, panic attacks, low self-confidence, insomnia, bad habits, etc.).

This is why our clients get results more quickly than talk therapy, more easily than willpower, and more safely than medication.
How is our approach different?
Testimonials from doctors and clients
Michael Forman
PhD., ScD., DAOM
Practitioner of functional medicine and clinical nutritionist
"The professionals at Goodwin Hypnosis totally exceeded my expectations both in terms of the process and its efficacy. They are thorough and ingenious about identifying the heart of the matter and get right to the point of resolving it. This is a no-nonsense, practical therapy which I highly recommend to anyone in need of a break through with a stubborn problem or issue."
"Gina Goodwin is an amazing Hypnotist who helped me through a very hard time in my life. She is so friendly and down to earth and yet extremely knowledgeable in her skills and abilities. I highly recommend her to anyone!"
Tiffany Christine
Jennifer Zawadzki
The Future You Project
"I've actually struggled with anxiety and emotional eating for quite a while now, and it was really starting to escalate this year. At one point, my anxiety got so bad that I even started smoking again. I am not proud of it. I haven't done it in over a decade, but that's what happened, and I knew in that moment that I needed help. That's when I called Todd at Goodwin Hypnosis. Todd was able to help me in the past very successfully, so I knew that he would be able to do it again. One of the things that I loved most about this experience is just how fast the mindset and your actions can change, and honestly, with very little willpower required. It's actually quite fun. I stopped smoking almost immediately. I feel less anxious. I sleep better. And I have all of the tools that I need to make better choices, which I love, as well. I feel in control of my life again for the first time in a long time. It is truly incredible just how powerful the mind is. This was hands down the best gift I could have given myself this year."
Jessica Alvarez
"I just completed six sessions with Gina Goodwin and my life has been transformed. I had many limiting beliefs, scarcity mindset, lack of self confidence and fear of success. As I transformed, my environment transformed. I was amazed and so grateful for Gina. I've been able to step out of my comfort zone into a world of limitless possibilities. The work Gina does at Goodwin Hypnosis is amazing."
"Lifesavers. I send them patients all the time who need assistance with regards to poor sleep, anxiety, phobias and smoking cessation. Faster than psychotherapy, safer than medication, and more effective than ignoring your problems! Trustworthy and helpful therapists. Thank you!"
Sandra L. Doman, DC
Miami Sports Chiropractic & Yoga Center
The above comments made by former clients of Todd and Gina Goodwin are true and factual. Goodwin Hypnosis does not imply or claim that these comments represent typical results. Results vary depending on age, gender, lifestyle, motivation, and individual commitment to achieve a desired result. These clients voluntarily offered their written feedback and were not compensated in any way. Each comment and/or testimonial is the opinion of one person at a specific time and should only be considered in that context.
Kirby R. Hotchner, DO
Osteopathic Physician, practitioner of holistic and integrative medicine, and founder, The Wholeness Center
"Todd Goodwin has hit the nail on the head, as it is the mind and its beliefs that need to be dehypnotized and heal. Unless that is done, other methods are futile. He has developed a whole program to help the mind heal its old beliefs."
"I have known Todd Goodwin and have referred patients to him for many years. I have learned to pay attention to what he says and writes."
Jane A. Kaufman, L.Ac
Board Certified Acupuncture Physician,
Kaufman Wellness
Amanda Taylor
"When I was initially recommended hypnosis as a solution to my fears and grief, I was skeptical. My brother passed away 8 years ago and since then, I had been unable to cope with the loss. I had also developed an extreme fear of death. I had seen therapists, practiced yoga, all to no avail. Within two [hourly] sessions with Todd, I had already conquered my fear of death. Hypnosis allowed me to relax and gain perspective for a much more balanced and peaceful life. After completing all of my sessions, I had let go of the grief leftover from my brothers’ death and I had completely rid myself of my irrational fears. Being able to remember and celebrate my brother’s life instead of constantly grieving over his death has been such a blessing. I have so much positive energy flowing through me day-to-day. Hypnosis WORKS. Todd always made me feel so comfortable and he was truly a joy to work with. I can’t believe I suffered for 8 years and was able to so easily solve all of my issues within weeks. I cannot thank Todd enough!"
Jodi DeJesus
"I was blown away with the outcome of my sessions at Goodwin Hypnosis. I met with Gina for a consult to quit smoking. I wanted to kick the horrible habit and get myself into tip top shape. Heath & nutrition is a big part of my life so I wanted to practice what I preach! Well after just 3 sessions with Gina I feel like I have never smoked a day in my life. I'm going to the gym 4 times a week and at 43 I'm in the best shape of my life!! I'm full of energy & so much more positive. I cannot believe how easy it is to be around smokers or even drinking a few glasses of wine and have NO desire or urge at all to light up. THANK YOU GINA! You have changed my life and I'm forever grateful. I highly recommend if you want to say goodbye to bad habits & have positive changes in your life that you go see Gina NOW!"
"As I had great emotional pain and PTSD from my physically and emotionally abusive ex-husband, it was destroying my life and my new beautiful relationship. I was seeing a psychologist, however after a year of sessions, I knew I needed something more. The first consultation with Gina Goodwin immediately gave me hope that I did not have to keep living with this any longer and can finally beat the monster and take my power back. It only took me 7 [hourly] sessions to completely transform myself. My episodes of anxiety attacks that occurred with the abuse of alcohol were ruining my life, however Gina was able to help me overcome my emotional trauma with plenty of very unique tools. I now feel like I have “grown up”, I am confident, happy, I feel in control, and my relationship has transformed. I truly believe that there are so many people out there with several different issues and trauma in need of true healing, who after years of therapy and ton of money spent still feel helpless. Hypnosis therapy however is a way to really re-program yourself and unlearn unwanted emotions and behaviors completely! I cannot thank Gina enough for all the help and understanding on top of simply being an amazing and fun person 🙂 I am excited now for my future!"
Ray Sunlight
Loni Paige
"Todd truly saved my life. I was going though a terrible break up and could not seem to get out of my own way. I had tried medication and therapy and nothing was working so I decided to try something different. The change in my life and way of thinking over the course of 8 sessions was indescribable. I not only was able to work again and get out of bed but now can handle and look at all my relationships differently. Todd gave me the tools to move forward with my life and be happy again."
"This place was life changing!  Gina is fantastic and is really able to help pinpoint root causes for any issue you may be having in your life.  I can’t say enough about this place and even the people around me have noted a drastic (in a very good way) change in me and my overall demeanor.  I have already recommended friends and family to Gina.  If you are ready to change your life, this is your place."
Lourdes Gayo
Tara Emerson
"Before meeting Todd, I had previously tried a few different tactics to overcome my problems but nothing seemed to change. For years i was in and out of therapy and i was tired and discouraged from the results i was getting. After a few hypnosis sessions i felt peaceful, happier and the panic attacks are now substituted by reasoning and a calm."
"Fantastic experience! I highly recommend Todd Goodwin. The man is a very passionate and forward thinking professional who helped me look past my deepest insecurities, and into the abundance mentality that has changed my life in all fields. A true master of self actualization!"
Gonzalo Navarro
"I worked with Gina on my impossibility to eat vegetables and fruits (mostly all the healthy stuff). She was great, she completely re-wired my head in a way that I'm not only able to eat them, but eager to do it. It's incredible how the mind works. I strongly recommend her."
Chris Reyes
  • To maximize your likelihood of success, you must build a solid foundation of knowledge.
  • Effective and lasting personal change relies on THREE components – Education, inspiration, and transformation.
  • Awareness of self and others is essential to understand why and how we think, feel, and act the way we do.
  • Decisive action requires inspiration, an emotional or spiritual phenomenon arising from the subconscious.
  • The most powerful element, transformation, is lacking in most interventions.
  • We provide all three components, while most alternatives fall short (including many hypnotists).
  • Considering working with a therapist or hypnotist? Our DELUXE package could save you months and thousands of dollars by helping you to get clear on what you need to address BEFORE starting or continuing personal development work.
Want results like those clients?
The first step is greater self-awareness.
Here's what you'll receive...
Our DELUXE starter package will help you fully prepare to liberate your mind with the following materials:

1. 17 Facts You Need to Know About Yourself BEFORE Seeing a Hypnotist or Therapist is a mind-expanding video that will turbo boost your self-awareness. Expect to find answers to questions you didn't even know you had.

2. More Success & Less Stress is a self-hypnosis audio for relaxation. Most people feel lasting effects within days.

3. Conversations with Todd is a radio interview about recovering from emotionally difficult experiences, as well as grief, fears, and low self-worth. It also raises several controversial topics.

4. How and Why We Self-Sabotage is a radio interview with Todd that explores the mind’s internal conflict ("I know I SHOULD do this, BUT I keep doing that.").

5. Emotional, Behavioral, and Social Challenges is a transcript of an interview with Todd that covers a wide range of related topics – Why typical self-help or professional solutions don’t work well; the unhealthy effects of social media, positive thinking, and support groups; the myth of the addictive personality; the real causes of post-traumatic stress and how to resolve it; and much more.

6. FIVE episodes of our Wake Up Calls podcast (audio and transcript) in which Gina and Todd address several common themes:
  • What if your bad habit is actually good for you?
  • It’s not what you’re eating, it’s what’s eating you.
  • Did you know that anxiety is optional?
  • Put insomnia to bed!
  • To eliminate symptoms, you MUST resolve the underlying cause!
We do our best to set our clients up for success, and we're confident that you will really benefit from this material.

That's why we provide a full, 30-day money back guarantee, meaning there is ZERO RISK for you.

Your only risk is continuing along the same path you've been on, so act now. You have nothing to lose but the attachments to your problems.
30-Day Money Back Guarantee
Select ONE of the following options:
Ready to Liberate Your Mind?
Product image
First Step to Freedom
This introductory bundle teaches you the very basics. "Getting Out of Your Own Way" (transcript) explores the mind’s internal debate when setting health-related goals ("I know I should quit smoking, BUT..."). "Why Unlearning is More Important Than Learning" (audio and transcript) explores the real causes of emotional and behavioral challenges and how to unlearn those problems. "The 7 Keys to Achieving Your Goals NOW" outlines how to achieve your goals and what you missed in the past that caused you to struggle. This bundle contains 30-45 minutes of audio and text content.
Product image
DELUXE starter package
Includes the video, "17 Facts You Need to Know About Yourself BEFORE Seeing a Hypnotist or Therapist," and the relaxation hypnosis audio, "More Success & Less Stress." You'll also receive 5 HOURS of bonus materials: “How and Why We Self-Sabotage,” PLUS "Conversations with Todd," PLUS "Emotional, Behavioral, and Social Challenges," PLUS "What if your bad habit is actually good for you?" PLUS "It’s not what you’re eating, it’s what’s eating you." PLUS "Did you know that anxiety is optional?" PLUS "Put insomnia to bed!" PLUS "To eliminate symptoms, you MUST resolve the underlying cause!"
Once you have fully absorbed the knowledge in the above starter package, we will let you know how to sign up for The Liberated Mind Project's 30-day Foundational Module (AVAILABLE ON A DIFFERENT WEBSITE).

It includes:
  • 5 video-based mini workshops across several topics, including anger, resentment, anxiety, fears, compulsive behaviors, guilt, shame, regret, and more than 20 others.
  • 4 hypnosis audios to improve sleep and self-worth, remove limiting beliefs, and make change easier.
  • 7 episodes of Todd and Gina's Wake Up Calls podcast that address grief, panic attacks, phobias, trauma, codependency, and breakups.
  • An article Todd wrote for a professional journal with 10 relatable client cases in which trauma was an overlooked cause of weight gain, insomnia, substance abuse, fears, and relationship sabotage, and how clearing the trauma also cleared those symptoms.
Looking ahead to the 30-day Foundational Module...
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